Church History

History of the Grayson Street Assembly

In 1827-28, four Christian men -John Nelson Darby, Edward Cronin, John Bellett and Francis Hutchinson -who had been concerned for some time about the condition of the professing church, agreed after much deliberation and prayer to come together on Lord's Day and remember the Lord Jesus in the breaking of bread, as the early Christians did, counting on the Lord to be with them. Their first meeting was held in Francis Hutchinson's house in Dublin, Ireland. As they continued to meet, others in Dublin and else where were added to their number. Among the many gatherings which sprung up, one at Plymouth, England became the most well-known and people in the district began to call them " brethren from Plymouth". This naturally resulted in the designation" Plymouth Brethren".

Mr. William Kelly (1820-1906) an Irishman was a dear friend of Mr. Darby. He was editor of the Bible Treasury for 50 years and also edited all the collected writings ofJohn Nelson Darby, the prominent early leader of the brethren. In 1881, the year before Mr. Darby's death a split occurred over what was called the Park Street issue and sadly Mr. Kelly and Mr. Darby no longer broke bread together. Those who supported Mr. Kelly were limited to England and the West Indies.

In 1926 a great reunion took place between the Kelly and continental brethren. This action was effective in England, the West Indies, Europe, Egypt and North America. Churches were formed in the New York Metropolitan area. Firstly in Manhattan and then Brooklyn.

In March 1959 a group of six persons sharing the same beliefs and doctrine concerning Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior gathered at the Grayson Street Assembly located at 122-04 Montauk Street, St Albans, New York. They came together to worship, pray, and study the Bible-the Living Word ofGod. Three years later they bought a building located at 188-04 Nashville Blvd, Springfield Gardens, New York.

At present we are still gathering in this building. We now have a roll call of 75 persons. On Sundays we meet for the breaking of bread, Sunday School, and gospel preaching. On Tuesday evenings we meet for prayer and ministry of God's word and on Thursdays we meet for Bible study. We also have several young people and other activities for the spiritual building up of the Church.

Grayson Street Assembly is in fellowship with 79 assemblies throughout the United States and 30 in Canada. Worldwide membership is unknown, but there are an estimated 1500 Assemblies worldwide.